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Spring 3-21-2023

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First paper depicting configuration of RFID equipments.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a new concept to be introduced in libraries of India and more particularly in the libraries of Jammu & Kashmir. The technology has helped libraries to create an atmosphere of security and proper vigilance. It has not only helped libraries to reduce the staff interference with the patrons but has also improved the efficiency of service deliverance as well. This paper aims to highlight the need for the adoption of RFID technology in libraries and other similar institutions. The paper gives an in-depth coverage of an RFID system. It starts with an introduction to RFID system and technology, and gives an outlook about role of this technology in libraries. The book gives a clear outlook about the different components and equipments of RFID technology in libraries along with their major specifications. It highlights the advantages associated with the use of RFID technology in a library-kind environment. The author of the book is currently working as Chief Librarian in J&K Higher Education Department. He has served many departments under different capacities and has the experience of installing, configuring and commissioning this RFID system in one of the prime educational institutions of the valley.