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Agricultural development in Rice Bowl is faced with new challenges and opportunities on food, nutrition, population and environment fronts. Public Libraries of Purba Bardhaman play a vital role to face these challenges by providing quick access to information. The Public libraries are conscious of improving the conditions through Community Information Centre (CIC) for fully utilizing information age technologies to collect, organize, and disseminate all types of information needed by the users they serve. Public libraries' primary responsibilities include granting access to and safeguarding recorded knowledge for later use. In addition, they are in charge of disseminating necessary information to the neighborhood to aid residents in daily issue solving. One way that a public library serves the local community is through its Community Information Services (CIS). In the Purba Bardhaman area of West Bengal, the study covers the current function of public libraries, service issues, and solution suggestions for community information services. This research also covers how collaboration helps to agricultural activities for public libraries provide community information services (CIS).