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Spring 3-31-2023

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An attempt was made to explore the usage of Web 2.0 applications and Social Networking Sites (SNS) for providing information services by libraries at selected higher education institutes in Europe, North and South America. The websites were surveyed through content analysis method that is used for a qualitative approach, as to find the details of the applications of Web 2.0 tools and SNS. Out of 72 library websites visited, only 61 libraries (48 libraries in Europe and 13 libraries in both North and South America) have adopted Web 2.0 tools and SNS. The present study reveals that though the implementation of Web 2.0 tools and SNS is progressing in the libraries located in developed countries, in the developing countries still the library staff members are facing issues with reference to infrastructure, Internet connectivity and the skills to be acquired to provide services using these applications.