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The study was about the Impact of Continuing Professional Development programs on service delivery at Uganda Christian University Library. The main objective of the study was to assess how CPD programs have affected librarians’ service delivery at Uganda Christian University Library. The study employed a descriptive survey design. Data was collected through 28 questionnaires distributed physically to library staff. The findings of the study indicated that UCU library staff have attended CPD programs in form of Workshops, internal and external training programs, workshops, conferences, job shadowing, mentoring and focus groups. These have helped them acquire skills in customer care, presentation, digitization, article writing, leadership, collaborating, interacting with students and conducting electronic resources training. Such skills have greatly impacted on the service delivery of UCU librarians. They use social media to conduct business with customers, conversion of files into different formats, using surveyMonkey in collecting data among others. However, its proper implementation is hindered by several challenges such as rigidity of administrators, not working in sections where acquired skills are applicable, internet, unstable power supply, budgetary constraints among others.