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Winter 1-1-2022


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The basic goal of all libraries is the satisfaction of patrons. Each and every library is to deliver the appropriate information to the right people at the right time. The user experience and the enhancement of the user's perception of libraries are both greatly influenced by libraries and their information offerings. When offering library services to patrons, librarians face a variety of difficulties. This study is presenting library and information services provided by state and private university libraries of Gujarat, the challenges and problems faced by the librarians during providing the best services to users. A researcher has discussed three types of library and information services Traditional services, ICT-based library serves, and Web-based library services. The Primary data was collected by the 21 state and 24 private university librarians. Also covered university libraries’ facilities, equipment, ICT tools, and best practices as per the NAAC manual provided by the university libraries covered in this study. The result shows that the majority of libraries are facing a shortage of library human professionals, technical professionals, and a lack of equipment to provide library services to users.