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Spring 5-22-2023

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The advantages and challenges of cloud computing services adoption by Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kumasi Metropolis are examined in this paper. SMEs in Ghana lack adequate information technology skills for record keeping and information management, marketing and processing. It will be beneficial for SMEs in Ghana to use cloud conjugating for enable productivity, dependability, cost savings, and corporate cooperation. Although, the benefits of cloud computing are enormous, due to a number of obstacles, the widespread implementation of cloud computing among SMEs is slow and discouraging. The impact of the use of cloud computing on the performance of the organization has also been thoroughly explored in this study.

Using a combination of methods. the study gathered quantitative data using questionnaires. whereas interview guides were used to gather qualitative data. In assessing the effects of the use of cloud computing on the firm's performance, a simple linear regression was used to ascertain the correlation between them. The findings establish that cloud computing has a major influence on business performance. Data were gathered in the Kumasi Metropolitan Area.