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Spring 4-21-2023


The study examined Contemporary strategies in marketing e-resources amongst selected Technical Universities (TUs) in Ghana. 62 respondents were respectively drawn from all three selected Technical Universities ie Kumasi Technical University, Tamale Technical University, and Takoradi Technical University. Given that the population from the three TUs library staff was small, no sampling had to be done. The investigator sent out 62 questionnaires to the three TUs and received 39 responses representing 63 %. A descriptive survey design was employed to acquire data from the selected Technical University (TUs) libraries. Analysis of the data gathered was carried out using bar charts, pie charts, Line graphs, and percentages. Findings discovered that the state of use of e-resources amongst selected TUs was not encouraging. This is a result that the selected TUs were not using contemporary strategies such as print, online advertisement, electronic methods, and merchandise giveaways in marketing e-resources in their various libraries. Therefore, it is required of the various TUs to put measures to employ these contemporary approaches in marketing e-resources in their various libraries.