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Emerging new technologies, especially the way information technology is changing, have a big impact on many parts of people's lives. For example, modern social media platforms have changed how people interact, share information and talk to each other. Social media (SM) is becoming more and more useful as a way to improve communication and knowledge sharing (KS), not just between people but also between businesses. This trend has been closely watched by both professionals and academics. Even though research in this area is growing quickly and in a big way, there haven't been many attempts to look at the results of past surveys, put them together, and evaluate the current state of research on how social media can be used to share knowledge. We used a bibliometric and Systematic Literature Review (SLR) method to collect and review studies (46 documents and, after being edited, 16 publications) by following a set review process. This was done to make sure that the Scopus database had copies of all relevant research papers that were released between 2016 and 2020. Most of the terms have to do with social media and sharing information. Some of the most popular keywords in the study are: knowledge sharing, social media, knowledge management, information management, decision making, gamification, industry work, social dilemmas, hospitality industry, communication industry, etc. Denmark is at the top of the list when it comes to getting top awards. We did this for a wide range of study topics, such as SM for KS user behavior, utility and benefits, social media platforms and tools, and other topics that don't get much attention. Most of the studies this research looked at were about how people who use SM for KS act. This, in turn, showed what areas needed more study.