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Summer 5-4-2023


Strategic growth plan is a road map of an institute looking for its continuous and sustainable development over certain time duration. Measuring the constant and sustainable growth of any higher and technical educational institute, the strategic goal plan is the blueprint focused towards achieving the vision and mission of the institute. The strategies in terms of short and long term goals, measured through performance indicators of academics, administration, finance, research and extension activities need to be identifies, defined, worked on it and should be monitored and evaluated against target settings. This article presents the Strategic Educational Growth Plan of K J Somaiya Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India an higher and technical engineering institute in the era of Emerging Areas of Science and Technologies. The comprehensive suggestions and involvement of all the stakeholders of institute for realizing strategic growth plan has showed that the use of emerging areas of science and technologies, if incorporated in the development of the institute, can contributing at large, the growth of the nation. The proved practices of working on nationwide initiatives in healthcare, education, agriculture etc under the targeted sustainable growth of the institute has set a remark in the education sector which can adopted as a guideline by other developing engineering institutes in India.