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Nowadays, individuals tend to seek information about various entities through online platforms where other people share their experiences. Google Maps is one such platform that enables users to rate and review anything, including public libraries. This study aims to investigate the manner in which users of the SPS library utilize Google Maps to express their opinions about the library's services and amenities. This study utilized Google Maps as a source of data, with a data extractor being used to extract reviews. The extracted reviews were then subjected to content analysis to categorize them into different categories. Following this, a sentiment analysis was conducted to identify positive, negative, and neutral opinions about the library. The study found that users of SPS library utilized Google Maps to express their opinions about the library, with most of the reviews coming from local guides. Out of the 220 comments obtained, facilities and general aspects of the library received the most attention. Of these comments, 56% were positive, 26% were negative, and 18% were neutral. The staff and technology were the most criticized categories. None of the reviews received a response from the library authority. The study concludes that the library should actively monitor user reviews on Google Maps and other online platforms to improve their services and facilities. By doing so, the library can enhance user satisfaction and maintain a good reputation in the eyes of its users.