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This study investigates the availability and utili sation of school library resources by secondary school students in five selected secondary schools in Isokan local government area of Osun state, Nigeria. The main objective of this study was to assess availability, purpose and frequency of, as well as constraints and strategies to improve use of school library resources by students of secondary schools in Isokan. Local Government, Osun State, Nigeria.

Simple random sampling with proportionate to sample was used to select 2.5% respondents from each selected school to make a sample size of 228 respondents. The study employed descriptive survey research design and used the method to collect quantitative data. Data was collected by using the structured questionnaire. Quantitative data was analysed by using SPSS.

Findings revealed that dictionaries, textbooks, encyclopedias, CD-ROMs and novels were very readily available for use by secondary school students. Findings also revealed that the major purposes for which secondary school students used information resources were for assignment, continuous assessment preparation, knowledge update, competition and quiz preparation. Findings further showed that Magazines and Journals, Internet resources, Encyclopedias and Databases were the information resources most frequently used by the secondary school students. The findings further revealed that secondary school students averred erratic power supply, lack of modern techniques for learning, lack of locating tools like online public access catalogue, inadequate staff to assist users and poor awareness of the users to information service as major constraints. However, awareness of the information resources in the library, employment of computer technicians for routine repairs, provision of digital libraries, adequate provision of online computers/e-mail and provision of standby generators for regular power supply were major factors that promote the use of the information resources by secondary school students.

This study recommends collaboration with all stakeholders in secondary education in the country in order to make adequate provision of fund and proactive measures necessary for the provision of current and up to date information resources and also for the employment of qualified and trained teacher librarian.