Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The roles of Library Schools in the contemporary world transcend being ivory towers where Library and Information Professionals are trained. Besides, Library schools provide platform for students to develop their leadership potentials and abilities through participation in student-centred programmes. This paper chronicles the activities of one of such societies – the Library, Archival and Information Studies Students’ Association (LARISSA) in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria from the perspective of its activities in relation to the development of Library and Information Practice (LIP) in Nigeria. The study shows that a number of the LARISSA activities have direct positive impact on LIP particularly, in the areas of training and provision of teaching and training resources to the library school. There are however certain obstacles confronting the activities of the society. While the revenue base of LARISSA could be strengthened, it is recommended also that the society becomes consistent in its programme. There is also a need to network with other library schools, thereby sharing strengths amongst these schools.



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