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Summer 7-20-2023

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Fallout from M.Sc Thesis


This work is set to ascertain Knowledge Culture and Librarians’ Productivity in University Libraries in South-South, Nigeria. A descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. The study population was 132 Librarians working in the Federal, State and Privately-owned University libraries in South-South Nigeria. The entire population was used for the study as it was manageable. A self-designed questionnaire was used to collect data on knowledge culture and Librarians productivity. Means were used to answer the Research questions while the Pearson Product Moment Correlation coefficient was used to test the hypotheses. Results from the study show that University Librarians adopted different strategies for Knowledge Culture and that there is a positive significant relationship between knowledge Culture and librarians’ productivity in university libraries. The study recommended amongst others that Librarians should adopt Swift decision-making strategies in university libraries University librarians should set time aside for knowledge sharing among colleagues Nigerian Library Association, University librarian Association and other professional bodies should write policies to knowledge sharing and it should be made known to all libraries