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The study investigated pattern of internet use among librarians in three Federal university libraries in Southeast Nigeria. Three research objectives guided the study. The study adopted survey research design. The population comprises 30 principal librarians and University librarians in the three Federal University libraries in Southeast Nigeria. A total of 27 copies of the questionnaire were returned. Interview was conducted and observation was made on internet facilities to determine the authenticity of the respondent’s responses. Findings revealed that major internet facilities available in the libraries include laptops, cybercafé, institutional website, institutional virtual library, desktop computers, wireless fidelity, cable modem, computer networking (local/wide area network), broadband internet, satellite dish and e-mail. The findings equally revealed that internet is used majorly in the libraries for sending and receiving mail, chatting, reading news and sports information, downloading music, researching for products and services, downloading images, searching for job online, cataloguing, video conferencing, sharing information, accessing information on any subject worldwide, accessing online directories and encyclopedia, review of literature and research investigation, sending research article for publication, sending and receiving questionnaire online, collecting research data through interview, giving and receiving information from users, giving and receiving information from vendors and contacting government agencies. Based on the findings the study recommended that library management should encourage their staff especially librarians to improve on their use of internet facilities available in the university libraries.