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This paper intends to examine academic library services and facilities for university students at the tertiary level in Punjab. It has been observed that all educational institutions specifically higher education has an academic library to facilitate the students in terms of their academic activities and research-oriented tasks. This study has been conducted to measure the response of library patrons of two Public Sector Universities in Punjab, Pakistan. The unit of analysis has been based on the enrolled students of the University of Gujrat, Gujrat, and Government College University Faisalabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan. A sample of 16 students (8 students from each university and half male and female student ratio) has been selected using a purposive sampling technique. An interview guide has been developed and a case study method has been used to conduct in-depth interviews of the library Patrons. It is worth stating that researchers conducted interviews in the academic library of the relevant universities' main campus. Data analysis has been done with reference thematic analysis technique. The study finding asserted that library patrons reported that research support services and internet facilities had been provided by the library administration. Similarly, the study findings revealed that a silent zone of study, printing, and photocopy facility had been provided to support academic activities at the university. Likewise, the study results indicated that an online public access catalog, reference and periodical section, and open reading area had also been provided by the library staff to the library patron for the smooth running of research activities.