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The proliferation of electronic information resources (EIRs) has transformed modern libraries, as they provide convenience and remote access, they also disrupt traditional library spaces and services. This critical review examines library management tactics regarding EIRs, weighing two approaches:1) attempting to bring back on-site users through enhancing physical spaces and embedding librarians in courses, versus 2) following remote users by developing robust virtual reference and embedded librarianship. Scholarly views consider the pros and cons of each tactic. Emphasis is placed on aligning tactics with institutional priorities and user needs. Findings show that a blended approach is the best, with libraries finding the right balance between on-site and remote services. In conclusion, agility and user-centricity are essential in developing effective EIR management tactics in today's shifting library landscape. Academic libraries should employ dual approach such as bolstering access to digital information resources and enhancing the on-site infrastructures to facilitate academic activities of library users.