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The study was carried out to look at the effect of tacit knowledge for effective teaching and learning processes among lecturers at the Delta State University, Abraka. The review of related literature were sourced and discussed in detail under the following concepts: concepts of tacit knowledge, history of tacit knowledge, types of ICTs/technologies used by lecturers for tacit knowledge sharing, the use of tacit knowledge by lecturers in their teaching and learning processes, benefits of tacit knowledge for effective teaching and learning process, factors militating against the effective use of tacit knowledge among lecturers. A descriptive survey research design was used for the study, One hundred twenty lecturers from the department of Library and Information Science, Guidance and Counseling, Sociology and Psychology, Zoology and Biochemistry were used as a sample size a questionnaire was used to collec data. A simple percentage was used for analysis of data. The research findings revealed that not all lecturers are aware of what tacit knowledge is in Delta State University, there is need for faculties and departments to organize staff/lecturers training programme to boost lecturers tacit knowledge, there are infrastructures to harness tacit knowledge, that tacit knowledge is a tool for effective teaching and learning process, that fear of plagiarism has made some lecturers to keep their knowledge to themselves, etc. Based on the findings, recommendations were made to increase the level of usage of tacit knowledge for effective teaching and learning processes in Delta State University, Abraka. There is need for staff training programme in various departments to enable lecturers enhance on their tacit knowledge, the lecturers should make use of infrastructure like internet, computer, critical thinking etc to improve on their tacit knowledge, the lecturers should teach with their tacit knowledge as it will enable the students learn and understand faster than just reading from textbooks.



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