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The bibliomatric studies have great importance in the identification of research productivity. This study is conducted to analyze the research productivity of Pakistani authors to Library Philosophy and practice during 2019-2021. The data was collected from the official website of LPP. The collected data arranged and analyzed according to the objective of the study. There were 336 articles contributed by Pakistani authors during 2019-2021 in which most of the articles are the collaboration work by multiple authors. As a foreign collaboration Pakistani authors mostly collaborated with the authors from Saudi Arabia The authors from universities has the highest rate of contribution. GC university Lahore is the most productive institute whereas Khurram shehzad is the most influential author throughout the period of study. Bibliometric studies, Academic libraries, e- resources, professional competencies, and digital content are the most covered subject areas during study period. 11-20 pages is the ideal length of articles and majority of articles used more than 15 references. Research trend of Pakistan heart journal: A bibliometric study is the highly cited paper during the study period. The contribution of Pakistani authors has been increasing with the time.