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This study examined the knowledge, perception, and attitude of teacher librarians in secondary schools in Osun State towards makerspaces. A survey research design was used, and data was collected using a questionnaire. The sample for the study consisted of 110 teacher librarians from selected secondary schools in Osun State. The study found that teacher librarians in secondary schools in Osun State have sufficient knowledge about makerspaces, particularly when it comes to the ability to select technologies that improve student teaching and learning, understanding how to choose effective teaching ways to guide students' thinking and learning in makerspaces, possess experience with makerspaces, possess several methods and tactics for expanding their knowledge regarding makerspace, and can utilise makerspace to experiment, create, and learn new things. The study established that teacher librarians are open to integrating makerspaces into their schools and using them to support student learning. This survey indicated that as the knowledge and perception of teacher librarians about makerspaces improve, so does their attitude towards them. This study recommends that schools invest in the infrastructure and materials needed to support the integration of makerspaces into their libraries so that teacher librarians can effectively use them to enhance student learning.