Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Spring 1-10-2023


Operations and services provided by libraries are seen as social services with a responsibility to encourage society's reading habits, especially in academic settings. The educational, economic, cultural, and recreational life of the whole population are strongly impacted by library services. A special library is known to offer services like interlibrary loan, reference and information, current awareness, selective information dissemination, user education, literature searching, bibliography compilation, indexing and abstracting, knowledge management, preservation and conservation, bindery, information literacy, and information media literacy. The research focuses on the following goals: discovering the library services offered by research libraries in Kwara State; identifying the services that are highly demanded by research libraries in Kwara State; gauging user satisfaction with Kwara State research libraries; and identifying potential obstacles that might endanger library delivery services there. The study used a descriptive survey, and 73 researchers from a Kwara State agricultural research institution make up the sample. Findings of the study show that; users are satisfied with the facilities and equipment of research libraries in Kwara State; users are satisfied with the attitude of staff at research libraries in Kwara State; and quality service has a positive and significant impact on use. User education programmes, volumes of text books and reference books, and personalised assistance provided by the library staff are services available in the special library. In order to address the difficulties discovered while conducting the study, recommendations were made.