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Due to the increasing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) in developed countries, this paper examines the adoption of AI for effective library services in academic libraries in Nigeria. The paper defines artificial intelligence while chronicling its history. He also identified the advantages of adopting artificial intelligence in academic libraries, which include ease of use, endless functionality, and the ability to perform complex work, among others, and the challenges faced by library management towards adopting artificial intelligence, which include financial uncertainty, job loss, and technological defects, among others. The paper concluded that adoption of AI in academic libraries sets a new level of efficient and effective library service delivery, but adoption in developing countries such as Nigeria is low due to some identified challenges. The paper recommended that government and library management should come together to suggest the way forward for academic libraries in terms of meeting the latest standard for the use of AI in libraries; library staff must undergo training and retraining in the use of artificial intelligence in providing library services, among other things.