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Performance of cataloguers in the library has remained below expectation in terms of quality, quantity and timely production of catalogued and classified information resource for users’ information need and easy retrieval. Cataloguers’ job performance is generally recognized as an essential factor that leads to the growth and development of every library and all the members of the community. The study adopted correlational survey research design. The study used total enumeration technique to capture all the librarians with a minimum qualification of first degree in Library and Information Science (LIS) in libraries in Ogun State Nigeria. A questionnaire tagged Cataloguing Knowledge and Cataloguers’ job performance in libraries in Ogun state, Nigeria was used for data collection. Out of the 210 copies of questionnaire distributed 190 were retrieved and used for the study. Two research questions and one null hypothesis were raised and tested at 0.05 level of significance. Data were analyzed using frequency count and percentages, mean and standard deviation and Pearson products moment correlation. Anchored on the cataloguing tools and standard of cataloguing and classification, the study found that the level of cataloguing knowledge (mean =2.71, SD=0.98) and level of cataloguers’ job performance (mean =2.92, SD= 0.83) in libraries in Ogun state were on an average level. The study concluded that proper cataloguing knowledge is likely to increase cataloguers’ job performance. Therefore library management should deploy means of increasing cataloguers’ job performance by motivating cataloguers, creating friendly work environment and implementing policies that give room for training and retraining of librarians.