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Fall 8-17-2023


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This article explores the techniques for designing and managing the bibliographical database by using the Windows-based ISIS (WINISIS) library software package and specified the brief description of steps taken to create a database of all bibliographic materials as well as features of WINSIS are taken into consideration. The purpose of the paper is to be acquainted college librarians with the distinctive features of the Windows-based ISIS because Microsoft Windows is described as a graphical user environment, which gives the user more control over the work as well as enables the user to use more of the power of the computer. The author has applied practical methods to put forth the techniques for designing and managing the bibliographical database of Doctoral Theses by using WINISIS software package. The author has attempted to find out various aspects to describe the features of the various modules of Windows-based ISIS (WINSIS) library software which would be valuable for those college librarians who faced the crunch of budget and are distressed to manage databases, especially those colleges are situated in rural and tribal areas of India. This paper is originally based on the dissertation made by the author in Degree of Master of Philosophy which is recognized and essential in the research purview of higher education.