Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Fall 8-2023

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This paper examined administration and management of digital libraries: an overview. The concept management was clearly defined and explained in the context of the work; thereafter the term digital library was explained succinctly as an age that is characterized by efficient and effective conversion, storage, diffusion and dissemination of data to users. The various services that are performed in the digital environment were listed as follows: Circulation Services (Reader Services); Serial Services; Electronic Library Services; Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC )Services. Social Media. In the context of this study, some difficulties that prevent a digital library from operating smoothly include: Librarians lacking the necessary abilities to successfully handle these services; inadequate cash provided by the university administration to purchase the required equipment; attitude issue with librarians still favoring the traditional method of service delivery over change; Lack of maintenance culture: Lack of maintenance culture is one of the biggest challenges to maintaining university libraries in the digital world. This attribute is not only associated with libraries but also with the Nigerian government and elites. The management of university libraries in digital libraries becomes challenging without the maintenance culture spirit; Insecurity in the face of advancing information technology: Confidence is necessary for managing people and physical resources efficiently in university libraries. The library manager must be up to date on contemporary advances in order to manage university libraries in a digital environment with strong confidence. In the face of advancing information technology, many librarians lack confidence; No clearly defined ICT Policy.