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Purpose: To simplify working with and sharing research data, researchers want infrastructures that provide the highest level of accessibility, stability, and reliability. The Harvard Dataverse Project (HDP) ( is compiling a growing list of such infrastructures. In this regard, the objective of this paper is to provide an overview through an analysis of the activities of the Dataverse website in managing research data.

Design/ Methodology/ Approach: The study examines the statistics systems and other critical resources concerning upload and use the dataverse/ datasets/ files upto October 2022. This includes the creation of dataverse, category of dataverse, uploaded total datasets, file downloads trend, publication of dataverse or datasets, most approachable subject to share and browse data, the most recommended file type of research data and access level of research data. The basic resources include top metadata sources and data citation standards of dataverse project.

Findings: It is noted that behaviours associated with structured study outcomes are more evident in developed countries as opposed to developing countries according to top author affiliation which is from the USA. The findings also show that research data in Medicine, Health, and Life Sciences is more uploaded and structured, whereas data in Social Sciences is more browsed and structured. Overall, the generation of dataverses, datasets, files, their downloads, and publication dataset is on the rise. The maximum contribution of data developers is found as Master, Daniel M. and Stager, Lawrence E whereas research project category and data and image file format are seen as highly used to organize data. On the dataverse website, good citation standards are being noticed, as well as the fact that 97 percent of data are available to reuse because contributors waive their copyright licences under CC0.

Originality/ Value: This study presented an overall picture of the growing research data practices throughout the investigation on the Harvard Dataverse platform. The research proposed best practices focused on RDM operations to improve the amount of Research Data activities.