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The primary aim of this attempt is to provide a thorough overview of Information Seeking Behavior (ISB) research within Library and Information Science (ISB) utilizing sophisticated bibliometric analysis tools. We searched the bibliographical data from Scopus and examined with the help of Biblioshiny and VOSviewer to demonstrate the visualization. A total of 1957 documents were included in the dataset. The growth rate is calculated at 7.88%. The total quantity of references quoted across all the documents in the dataset amounts to 57870. The study exposed that the highest number of articles (n=140) were produced in the year 2012 followed by the year 2013 (n=130). The study found USA was the top (Total production=1825) publishing country leading by a significant margin, followed by the UK, India, Canada, China, Iran, Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa. Library Philosophy and Practice leads with the highest number of publications, indicating its significant relevance and impact in the field, followed by other journals like Health Information and libraries journal, Journal of the medical library association. The study highlighted the frequency of usage of specific information and information-seeking terms in the dataset such as human and humans and information seeking as the most commonly used terms. The study delivers a bibliometric study of publications available in the Scopus database on ISB in the area of LIS of the period of 1966-2022.