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The study explored the stages of pregnancy at which pregnant women seek information from various sources and the challenges pregnant women encounter in seeking information. A Mixed-method approach was used to carry out the study. A questionnaire was used to collect data from 148 pregnant women from three hospitals namely, Tamale Teaching Hospital, Tamale West Hospital, and the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital, Interviews were conducted with three midwives, one from each hospital, and a Gynecologist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital. The findings of the study revealed that the main challenges that were identified include lack of funds, non-use of the internet, and attitudes of some midwives. Most pregnant women will prefer staying in the house due to lack of funds which negatively affects their information behaviour. The research made many recommendations, including providing complete and factual information during prenatal care visits, raising awareness of services that are offered, addressing the digital divide, and encouraging culturally appropriate information dissemination strategies. Longitudinal studies are recommended to further understand the changing nature of information-seeking challenges during pregnancy and their impact on health outcomes.