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Summer 8-24-2023

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This research explored the lack of a determined philosophical foundational tenet in the library and information science field. A literature review explored possible answers for what philosophy could stand as the guiding thought system for the field, including social epistemology, design epistemology, philosophy of information, structuralism and poststructuralism, consciousness, and monism. A pilot research study was designed and conducted with IRB approval using a survey aimed at professional librarians to gauge interest in the topic and to determine if further research would be necessary. The survey was posted to an online forum, ALA Connect, and held open for one month. Responses were analyzed in SPSS once the survey closed. The results suggest library school education on philosophy is limited, professionals do not have an agreed upon philosophy for the field, and the overall support for research to remedy this issue of a lack of determined philosophical foundational tenet exists. Significant findings relating to undergraduate degree and age and opinions on philosophy in LIS were identified.