Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Contemporary technologies involve the application of modern scientific knowledge in doing things in a much quicker and efficient ways which improve the workflow. Either it could be helping humans or doing the task alone, machines are always better in terms of accuracy and efficiency. This study therefore examines the extent at which special libraries in Enugu State, Nigeria utilize contemporary technologies for service delivery. The study which employed descriptive survey design, was guided by five research questions framed in line with the research objectives with a sampled population of 15 librarians derived from the six selected special libraries while the principle instruments used in obtaining data for the study were Observational checklist of 24 items and structured questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using frequency count, mean, Standard deviations and rankings and presented in tables. The outcome of the study did show that contemporary technologies are under-utilized for service delivery in most special libraries in Enugu State a microcosm of the macrocosm Nigeria, although they complement many of the services provided by the special libraries, also the study revealed that contemporary technologies to a high extent are beneficial and contribute immensely to quality services delivery whereas, inadequate funding and epileptic power supply were part of the challenges identified militating against optimal utilization of these technologies of which solutions were proffered. . Recommendations were made based on the findings which includes steady or alternative power supply, adequate funding, consistent and constant training of staff to upgrade their skill on the use of contemporary technologies.