Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The present study highlights the roles of public libraries in the socio-economic development of rural areas in the digital age with special reference to the Government District Library- Ahwa. A total no. of 60 questionnaires were distributed to a library, using a survey to collect data. Out of which 45 users gave their responses. The study found that all respondents indicated that they were using the public library for reading purposes. Followed by 75.56% respondents to prepare competitive exams, 71.11% to improve general knowledge, and very few users using the library for other purposes. The majority 53.33% of users had excellent opinions about the information resources and services available in the public library. The result shows the views of the various users on the benefits of the library for their development.In which the highest 71.11% respondents reported that their general knowledge has increased and very few 28.89% respondents reported their social and cultural values related information has increased.