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Previous studies have identified several factors that could improve the reading habit of students in Osun central senatorial district of Osun State. Observably, there is dearth of studies on the relationship that exists between peer influence and reading habit of secondary school students in public schools in the State. This research investigated the prevalence of peer influence and the extent to which peer influence predicts reading habit students. The study iss a descriptive survey of the correlational type of which a multistage sampling procedure was adopted. Twelve public secondary schools were used for the study in Osun Central senatorial district in Osun State from which 476 S.S.S. II students were proportionately selected. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics and Pearson’s product moment correlation. The hypothesis was tested at 0.05 level of significance. The respondents were Males 205 (43%) and females 271 (57%) with a mean age of 16 years ±1.36. Reading together with friend(s)” =3.21) was the major peer influence. A high level of peer influence was obtained among the students (56.7%). A weak positive significant relationship was found between peer influence and reading habit. The high level of peer influence that subsists among the students should be harnessed towards boosting reading habit among the students and assist them to record success with reading.