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Since the library is the paramount destination for obtaining knowledge and information, it has been a matter of great regret that the culture of pursuing lifelong learning programs through libraries remains unstressed and unfamiliar in Bangladesh. People from all walks of life have not felt the necessity of going to libraries to seek information and obtain knowledge to solve their day-to-day affairs and resolve other problematic issues. The tradition of reading, learning, and researching is still in a deplorable state, and to this end, the development and expansion of “Library Culture” is too slow to fulfill the information needs of the common masses. The core objective of this study is to explore the processes to promote library culture in Bangladesh. The researchers have followed a qualitative approach to conduct the research, and defined the concept of Library Culture and formulated different means for its extension throughout the country. The researchers also focus on the roles of Library Culture in human resource development in Bangladesh. There is no denying that the promotion of library culture across the country can build a truly progressive and prosperous smart Bangladesh in the days to come.