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Higher institutions of learning relies on active engagement in academic activities of which inform the teaching, researchand learning mission of institutions and are essential to robust democratic societies. The specific objectives of the study were to clarify the concept and significance, explore the academic activities engaged, and determine the knowledge acquisition programs by the lecturers of two (2) institutes of Nigerian meteorological agency. Qualitative data using a case study research design, face to face interview was used in gathering the data from a total of 16 purposively sampled respondents which were analysed using narrative based analysis. The study revealed that lecturers from both the institutions studied were engaged in academic activities such as teaching, research and service, and through speaking, writing and learn by doing as how the acquire/share knowledge for their academic activities and the study established inadequate/lack of outside conferences, workshops, seminars, research publications and educational advancement. The study recommends that lecturers should have interest and willing to participate or engage actively in academic activities in their various institutions, encouragement and support from the top management on the importance of knowledge acquisition for academic activities and lecturers should also agree and believe that teaching, research and service is a single task or job and adequate funding on knowledge acquisition activities for academic activities and whenever a lecturer acquire new knowledge should share it with other colleague for the purpose of carrying each other along, knowledge redundancy and continuous personal and institutional development.