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Keywords: Smart technology, Job performance, University libraries.

Introduction: Library since its creation during the early civilizations till date have always worked towards goals of gathering, storing, preserving and retrieving and providing information whenever needed. hence, using smart technologies to ease library services is very vital.


Libraries and librarians perform a fundamental role in terms of providing information services to its patrons within and outside the academic environment. Despite the availability of smart technologies in most university libraries, there are still incidences of slowness and decrease in job performance. This study examines the effect of smart technology on job performance of librarian in Southwest Nigeria using descriptive survey research design. The study used multistage random sampling technique to select a sample size of 50 librarians in the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State and University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. Data was collected with the use of questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study concludes based on its findings that smart technologies have impactful effect on job performance of librarians in university libraries. It is recommended that; the government should increase the financial allocation to university libraries to facilitate the use of smart technologies in library operations; power supply should be adequate and functioning standby generating set to be made available; there is need for training and retraining of librarians on the use of smart technologies. The study has provided a framework for library management on the type of smart technology that are most needed for library services; and that effective use of smart technologies will improve library services which will definitely increase the level of patronage.