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This study assessed the awareness and implementation of circulation policies and practices at the Lagos Business School library. The study used a survey research design and data was collected using a questionnaire. Purposive sampling was used to select 150 respondents for inclusion in the study. The study showed that the majority of respondents were aware of the circulation policy at the Lagos Business School library. As indicated by 86.0% of respondents, library orientations for users were the most common form of awareness, followed by library website pages. The results further revealed that there is a high degree of implementation of circulation policies at the library. This is with 93% admitting they can borrow books and 70% knowing the LBS library loan periods. Favoritism by some library staff and an increasing number of late book returns as agreed by 71.0% were the major barriers to the implementation of the circulatory policy. This study has contributed to the existing body of knowledge by providing insight/data on circulation policies/practices in academic libraries. It has recommended that circulation policies should be reviewed to meet current changes in library and information science.