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Fall 10-3-2023


Although the concept of information-seeking behaviour has evolved significantly among professionals, it is unclear how much the nursing profession has been affected by these changes. Examining information seeking behavior for the nursing profession is significant as nurses need to use the most current information to meet clinical and

educational needs Besides, information seeking is one of the steps of embracing evidence-based practice which has been identified as one of the core competencies

needed for the health care professionals in the 21st century.

This study sought to establish the information sources used by nursing and clinical students at Aga Khan University, determine how the students access the required

information and examine the challenges they experience in accessing and acquiring information. This study was anchored on Wilson’s Information Behavior Model (1999).

Both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection were used.

The study found that nursing and clinical students visit the library mostly to search for online electronic-resources, journals and textbooks. However, unavailability of some

materials imply that the information needs of the students are not fully met. The study determined that majority of the nursing students used the keyword search strategy, subject search strategy, title search strategy and author search.