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Summer 10-10-2023

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This piece of intellectual work if published should be made available to all lovers of information in the area of subject discussed in the paper.


This paper examines the Effect of Library Management Software on the Growth and Development of Library Services. It focuses on the following sub-headings: The Concept of Library Management Software; Library Management Software; Brief History of Software Usage in Nigerian Libraries; Features of Good Library Management Software; Criteria for the Library Software Selection; Prospects of Library Management Software; Problems Affecting the Utilization of Library Management Software; and the way forward. It concludes that the Library Management Committee has to be careful when scouting for any suitable software package, the most credible software package that would adequately meet the information needs of their libraries should be considered or selected. Also, there is need for the installation of the most efficient, cost effective and user-friendly library software package. Librarians and other library personnel should be trained and re-trained to enhance their efficiency and effectively handle the selected and procured library software package.