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Winter 11-15-2023

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QR code technology can provide an easy and convenient way for users to access library and management information services. By using QR codes, libraries can improve the user experience, save time and effort for users, and gather feedback to improve their services.QR code technology can provide easy access to library and management information services in several ways. QR codes can be placed on library shelves, books, and other materials to allow users to quickly access information about the resource, such as its location, availability, and details about the content. This can help users save time and effort when looking for materials. Many libraries offer mobile apps that allow users to access library services and resources from their smartphones or tablets. QR codes can provide easy access to these apps, allowing users to download and install them quickly. Libraries often host book clubs, author talks, and workshops. QR codes can provide information about these events and allow users to register or RSVP easily. It can be used to gather user feedback about library services and resources. Users can scan a QR code and provide feedback, which can help libraries improve their services. The paper is the first attempt to delineate the extensive usage of QR codes for library and management information services.

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