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The Internet has significantly influenced every aspect of human life, while the present era is characterized by information evolution. Efforts to measure up with the quest for information become a herculean task with the traditional reference information service. However, the traditional reference service has undergone a massive facelift with the introduction of the Internet. The concept of online reference information service is an expert way of providing for users' information needs through the mediation of a reference librarian. While online reference information service has had a share in innovation, reference librarians are confronted with meeting users' information needs by embracing their new roles. The study investigated the perception and satisfaction level of online reference information service users and how to satisfy the information needs of users in NBTS. The study was delimited to the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso, in scope, and the study sample was drawn from students and other library users in the community. Based on the findings, online reference services through user education must be prioritized in today's library system. Cooperation of online reference librarians with both local and international online reference librarians is also of utmost importance. In conclusion, the study pointed out the indispensable roles of reference librarians in satisfying users' information needs in the changing world.