Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The aim of this paper is to examine the impact and use of e-databases at GBPUAT library because a huge amount is invested for the subscription, growth, and management of e-databases. The main aim is to determine the purpose of use of e-databases; and to find out their level of use, level of satisfaction, problems, and instructions/help in accessing of e-databases. To collect research data, questionnaire was administered randomly among 250 registered postgraduate students and research scholars of GBPUAT and 143 filled in questionnaires were returned. Finally, the researcher selected 137 useable questionnaires for the analysis using statistical techniques to derive the result. The study reveals that e-databases such as AGRIS, AGRICOLA, CAB abstract, and agriculture & natural resources were highly used among the postgraduate students and research scholars. The majority of postgraduate students and research scholars got training and individual instruction in accessing databases and most of the research scholars were satisfied with the available databases at GBPUAT library. The study identifies the importance of e-databases and the role of user education program or information literacy program to boost the usage of available databases at GBPUAT library.