Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The study focuses on the need for putting in place library liaison programme in Nigerian academic library, with emphasis in the area of study. A survey method was adopted for the study, involving a sample figure of 122 members of the academic staff of the college. The Yaro Yamane formula for selecting a sample from a finite population was used. The study revealed six reasons for establishing library liaison programme in academic libraries. The study also revealed seven functions which library liaisons can perform. Six merits and six envisaged problems of the library arrangement were identified. To combat the problems associated with the library liaison programme, five strategies were revealed. They include: adequate funding of libraries to acquire information sources; engagement of more staff to reduce pressure of work in libraries; training and retraining of staff; curriculum review to accommodate more skills in ICT; and government-private partnership in the provision of ICT infrastructure. Based on the findings, six recommendations are made.