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The website of a university is a platform to exhibit the courses offered by the institution and also about the research activities carried out by that university. Beyond providing high quality content, a site also needs to organize that content in a way that makes it accessible to visitors. Prioritizing the content is one of the best ways to make sure the visitors are finding the information the site wants them to find, and that they want to find. Thus, the location of web objects in the University websites is a key for the success of that website. Hence, a web analytic study was carried out to determine the organization of its content in the websites of Agricultural Universities in India. A total of 54 Indian agricultural universities were taken up for the study and the various web objects were identified and also their locations in the home page of the Universities were analysed and discussed. The study also helps the web designers to improve the usability of websites.

Key words: Content Organization, Websites, Web Analytic Study, Indian agricultural universities, Web objects.