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This paper explores the values and usefulness of information dissemination as it affects food security in Nigeria, particularly in Katsina state. Information has been and would continue to play a vital role in any national development and growth. Agricultural information provision and dissemination is a must for every responsible government because it is only when farmer were informed, that they will be able to take a rational decision and produce enough to feed the state and the nation in general, consequently meeting the goal set by the MDG. Food security has been identified as the inability of a nation to feed itself year round. This paper identified some of the problems hindering food security in Nigeria, with reference to Katsina State. They include lack of proper and timely information to the farming populace, lack of infrastructural facilities, poor capital base, inadequate storage and processing facilities among others. The paper proffers some inputs as to how the problems can be tackled. Among them, provision of effective and efficient linkage with research institutes, improved storage management and increased agricultural budgetary allocations.