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This paper aims to identify the types of research papers/articles, current trends in the choice of subjects, being included in the Library and information science (LIS) journal literature published from UK and USA. The study also aims to find out the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on LIS subject fields. A content analysis of 165 research papers and journals articles published in the year 2008 in six LIS journals was conducted. Findings indicate that 93 (56.36%) of the articles out of the total 165 were research based. The variation is found with regard to coverage of core subject areas published from UK and USA. This study will try to fill gaps in library and information science research as it can helps in identifying the fields on which major work has been done as well as the subjects which are not worked upon. Project of this type, done for different years, would provide valuable information concerning the nature of research in librarianship and its development.