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Mathematics occupies a central position in the school curriculum. It is a core subject from the primary through the junior secondary to the senior secondary school levels of the educational system. This important position occupied by the subject in the school curricula is borne out of the role of mathematics in scientific and technological development, a sine-qua-non in national building. However, the teaching of this important subject is beset with problems of societal values for it, there is the problem of inadequate and substandard learning materials and general attitudes among others. Therefore, the study investigated the pre-professional mathematics teachers’ beliefs about factors that could contribute to the mathematics teaching effectiveness in secondary schools.

A non-experimental study was carried out on the pre-service postgraduate students in Lagos State. Self constructed questionnaires were administered on sampled 115 postgraduate students. The sample consisted of male = 42.6%, female = 57.4%. Two instruments were used for data collection; mathematics teachers effectiveness scale (a= 0.782) and the likelihood for the occurrence of effectiveness factors happening in schools scale (a = 0.806). The collection of data lasted three weeks. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics, t-test and analysis of variance.

The pre-professional mathematics teachers were identified with factors contributing to their teaching effectiveness, there was significant difference in their perception of effectiveness. The respondents were not wholeheartedly disposed to effectiveness factors occurring in their place of work but were of the opinions that some might happen in their schools on the long run. There was a significant composite effect of predictor variables to pre-service teachers’ views of mathematics teachers’ effectiveness and the likelihood for the factors occurring in their schools. There was a significant composite effect of predictor variables to pre-service teachers report (F (3, 112) = 3.245, P<0.05).

Therefore, there is the need to increase the level of awareness of society on the relevance and importance of mathematics. The teachers should put up the reasons for making the mathematics recognised in the society and across the globe in order to increase the students’ achievement in the subject.