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The aim of this paper is to present a model that can be adopted to enhance the role of libraries in the resolution of conflicts and promotion of peace for the establishment and sustenance of democracy in Africa in a sustainable manner. The paper highlights the devastating effects of conflicts between 1990 and 2007 with Africa having the highest percentage of 80% per square area.

To assess and understand the roles of Libraries in peace and conflict resolution, related studies /papers were reviewed. The review revealed that the Libraries are repositories of current and relevant resources that are required for peace and conflict resolution. This includes research findings, reports, historical accounts and other non print materials. It also exposed the non-implementation of recommendations and ideas in the papers. It goes further to put forth a Practical Action Plan (PAP) for utilizing libraries as the nucleus for disseminating information on resolving conflicts and promoting peace in communities. The PAP provides a schematic representation of the Community Library, Peace, Education and Development Center (CLiPED) Center Interactive and Information Flow Model. It also outlines a framework for the implementation and sustainability of the PAP