Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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This study aims to examine the current status; collection; services; use of information technologies, budget and sources of budget in the departmental libraries at University of Peshawar. Questionnaire was distributed among the population of all library professionals working in departmental libraries (N=36, 100%) with the response rate of (N=28, 80.2%).SPSS (Version 19) was used for quantitative data analysis. Study identified that the respondents were to some extent satisfied with the present departmental library’s collection and budget. Inadequate information technology; lack of automated catalogue; lack of barcodes on books; lack of OPAC and automated circulation services; lack of Indexing and Abstracting Services; inadequate computers for users; lack of books binding and reprographic services in the departmental libraries were found from this study. They provided HEC digital library access to their users. Most of the departmental libraries have their proper library committee for the overall management. Majority of departmental libraries received fund from university sources. Most of them faced inadequate budget and space problem. The study has practical implications for library administration and management, librarians and information specialists for improving the current situation and better services provision for maximum users’ satisfaction.