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The two key concepts of this paper are the significance of Library and NGO/NPO. The missions of both libraries and NGOs/NPOs increasingly intersect each other. These organizations collaborate to provide essential services that revolve around the creation, dissemination, and storage of information. Besides hundreds of national NGOs/NPOs, 177 (Wikipedia) international non-governmental and non-profit organizations are working for a humanitarian cause, development of education, improvement of the intellectual standard of the people and children in the disadvantageous areas in Vietnam. They attempt to get out of poverty, diseases and illiteracy marking the contribution to the establishment of a united Vietnam with different ethnic groups living together in harmony, peace, freedom, democracy and prosperity. This paper presents how some national and international NGOs/NPOs contribute to increase literacy and lifelong reading habits among the Vietnamese especially school goers by supporting and promoting school and community library activities through building and renovating libraries, providing books and trained librarians. Results (Fig. 1) show that respondent NGOs/NPOs built and renovated around 750 libraries; and provided the participants’ libraries, mostly school libraries, with over two million books and non-book materials.