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Adigwe, I (2012) "Mothers' Perception of the influence of interactive media on children cognitive and social development . Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal).


This study attempts to investigate mothers’ perception on the influence of interactive media on children cognitive and social development in Lagos Nigeria. It may be surprising, but recent video game research has demonstrated positive, social, and educational related benefits from video game play. However, many parents and teachers fear the negative effect of video games, worrying that video games will turn their children, into mindless, violent, isolated, unhealthy individuals. While some of these concerns are not completely unfounded, video game research has uncovered a wide array of effects of video game play, including many positive influences of video games in the lives of children. Exposure to violent media has been linked to aggressive thoughts and behaviors, mostly in short term. The most vulnerable individuals are young individuals who are high on the trait of aggression. The Research Design employed is the descriptive survey design. The population for the study consists of 650 respondents sampled in Surulere, Lagos Island and Ikeja local Government Area of Lagos, Nigeria. Questionnaire was used as the instrument for gathering data for the study. Data collected were analyzed using frequency tables and simple percentage. Social learning and the Uses and Gratification theory were used as the theoretical framework to support this study. This study concludes with the fact that the risks and threats to children’s character and as well as the benefits of interactive media may be difficult to separate; and that avoiding risks may also mean avoiding potential benefits of interactive media.