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Visualizing into social science research, the present study examines the trend in social science research out put, degree of collaboration in research, extent of authors’ productivity, growth pattern of literature and far-reaching productive regions at length. The central theme of the approach resultantly discovers and indicates the current research process and status at global scenario. Finally, the study shows the researchers participation in research and development, and research out put have set the pace vertically as determining a modern convenience of 21st century, causes encouragement to novice researchers. Summarizing the consequences of the study it is discovered that, single authorship is most dominant in 1st journal ‘SSR’, while in 2nd journal ‘WSIF’ the single authorship is dominated by multi authorship which signifies both journals are disconcerting one another in this context. Addressing the productivity of geographical regions the study investigates and explores that, USA with 86.8% papers is the top most productive country in 1st journal, whereas Australia having 27.8% in 2nd journal got 1st rank respectively among 11 and 20 participative countries of both journals. The study further reveals that, with the march of time the research out put has incorporated vigorous changes and has grown a highest up to 59.4 and 54.6 per cent papers under latest time zones as compared to other respective time zones at both journals. Besides, the study also denotes that, the principal productive institutions and prime productive authors of most productive countries hold prolific ranks in both the journals as compared to others.